Data Transfer between Payroll and Pension Systems

The table below outlines the transfer of data between Primo Payroll and pension providers via PensionSync or Smart Pension integration.

Process Communication Flow What data is transferred? Smart Pension PensionSync
Employer Sign-up Payroll -> Pension Employer record Yes Yes
Save Employee Record Payroll -> Pension Employee record Yes N/A
Amend Pension Record (calculation method) Payroll -> Pension Pension calculation method Yes N/A
Run Payroll Pension -> Payroll Opt-out data Yes Yes
Opt-in data Yes Yes
Postponement end date Yes N/A
Employee % contribution Yes N/A
Payroll -> Pension Auto-enrolled and opted-in employee records N/A Yes
Payroll -> Pension All employee records N/A Yes
Close Period Payroll -> Pension Pension contributions* Yes Yes
Employee records Yes N/A
Pension -> Payroll Opt-out and opt-in data N/A N/A
Assessment results N/A N/A
Failed Submissions Payroll -> Pension Previous period's pension contribution Yes Yes


* Make payment is a manual process on PensionSync. For more information please check with PensionSync directly.