Pension Contribution File - Status

This article outlines how to check the status of the pension contribution files you've submitted.

Data Submission Alerts

Relevant to: Pension Providers Via PensionSync (NEST, NOW, People’s Pension (TPP), L&G, Aviva)

Once the ‘Close Period’ is done in Primo Payroll, the pension data is submitted to the Pension Provider automatically. But the user is required to get the status of the file submitted, by following the below steps.

  • Bureau:
    Bureau desktop -> Auto Enrolment Tasks
  • Employer:
    Dashboard -> Auto Enrolment Tasks

  1. Once you close the period, the count in the ‘Data Submission Alerts’ increases.
  2. Click the ‘Data Submission Alerts, select the respective company and click the ‘Get Status’ button.

    This will now check the status of the pension file submitted to the pension provider and return a message (mentioning the time) when the pension provider is likely to process the Pension Data submitted.

  3. If there is any error in the payroll data, it will return with an error message. In such case, you need to correct the payroll data and then click ‘Resubmit’. After some time, you need to follow the steps from 1-3 again until the file has been processed successfully by the pension provider. As this process may take few hours, the user has to give some time for their next payroll run. 
  4. If the Pension Provider has processed the pension file successfully, then you will get a message confirming this. 
  5. Then you can run the next payroll.

Note: If you do run payroll for the next period without doing these steps, an error message will be displayed asking you to submit the pension file for the previous period.


1. How do I change the AE Submission Date to Resubmit Pension?

The AE Submission Date can be configured on,
Company Settings -> Processing Rules -> Payroll Frequency(Tab) -> AE Submission Date
AE Submission Date:
This is the End date of the Earnings/Contributions period the pension provider is expecting. Select this once and the program will automatically calculate the consecutive dates for the forthcoming periods. 
For Monthly, if you select the last day of the month, then the start date will be first of that month. If you select any other day of the month, the start date will be the previous day in the following month. 
For Weekly, the start date will be lesser by 6 days from this End date chosen. Likewise, it is 13 days lesser for 2-Weekly and 27 days lesser for 4-Weekly.