How to Run Payroll

This article outlines how to run payroll using Primo Payroll. We'll cover the steps for both bureaus and employers.

Make sure the Employment Information is provided on the Employee Records.



  1. On the Company List screen, click on Bell Icon -> Payroll Tasks

    This will open the Payroll Processing Alerts screen. Click on the Blue refresh arrow icon to get the updated values.
  2. Once refreshed, click on Awaiting Payroll Inputs. This will show a list of the companies which are awaiting payroll inputs.

  3. On Awaiting Payroll inputs you can open the company as an Employer or access the payslip single entry screen to input the values.

  4. If you have already provided the values then you can process payroll by clicking on the Awaiting Payroll Run icon. This will open the Run Payroll screen.

  5. Select the companies you wish to process payroll and click on the ‘Run Payroll’ button.


  1. Open the Company and choose the pay frequency you wish to process using the filter.
  2. Then, select the employees and click Period Inputs -> Payslip Entry/ Group Entry

  3. After choosing Payslip Entry/Group Entry there will be a prompt to Set the Period End Date.
    Enter the end date of your current payroll period and click OK.

  4. Payslip Entry: This is a single entry where you can input the values required directly on the payslip. Once you click Save the payroll will be processed.

  5. Group Entry: You can provide the values for the selected employees at the same time. Once you click ‘Save’, there will be a prompt for processing payroll. The values will be saved even if you choose not to process payroll.

    Note: If you are paying Hours x Rate. Then, make sure the Hourly Rate is mentioned on the Employee Record -> Main (tab) -> Employment Section: Hourly Rate
  6. If you have the values set for payroll, then, you can process the payroll directly from the Employee List screen using the ‘Run Payroll’ button.

    Select the required employees and click on the ‘Run Payroll’ button.



    Once the payroll is processed you can view the P11 payment record from the Payslips screen. This can be accessed from the Employee List using the ’Payslips’ button.