How to set up an attachment order?

This article will outline the steps you need to take to set up an attachment order in Primo Payroll

Step 1: Open the relevant employee record from the “Employees” page.

slika 1-Jun-03-2021-12-34-54-99-PM

Step 2: Go to the “Attachments” section in the employee record.

slika 2-Jun-03-2021-12-35-03-02-PM

Step 3: Click on , select the relevant authority the order is issued from, the appropriate deduction method (Table/Fixed), and click OK.

slika 3-Jun-03-2021-12-35-11-52-PM

Step 4: Insert the order details in the newly created section in the employee record and click Save.

slika 4-Jun-03-2021-12-35-39-02-PM

You will see the below message to confirm the attachment order has been saved successfully.

slika 5-Jun-03-2021-12-35-51-80-PM

Step 6: Based on the Attachment Order setup, the fixed/table deduction will be applied on the next payroll run.

Note: If already run, please re-run the payroll to apply this deduction.