Managing User Groups and Group Permissions

This article will guide you through setting up user groups and managing their permissions in Primo Payroll

Adding User Groups

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ screen by clicking the image-png-Sep-28-2020-11-22-47-84-AM icon.

slika 1-Jun-03-2021-12-28-16-02-PM

Step 2: Under the ‘Users’ section, click the ‘User Groups’.

slika 2-Jun-03-2021-12-28-34-79-PM

Step 3: This will show all the existing user groups, which you can edit by clicking on the user group name. Click the image-png-Nov-12-2020-02-39-52-18-PM icon to add a new user group.

slika 4-Jun-03-2021-12-29-18-42-PM

Fill in the group name and select the start-up page from the dropdown. Click ‘Save’ to complete the user group created.

slika  5

Group Permissions

Step 1: Open ‘Group Permissions’ in the ‘Users’ section and select the user group you wish to manage access for. You can allow the required actions to the group by ticking the appropriate boxes. 

slika 6-Jun-03-2021-12-29-41-77-PM